Student announcements from September 2022 are moved to the MS Teams platform.

They will be published in the team "Forum for MEIL students - Forum dla studentów MEiL" in the channel "Information and news from the Deanery - Informacja i ogłoszenia Dziekanatu".

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Classes with Engineering Physics

today (01/07/2021) canceled.

Researcher position CFD

Researcher position in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate the coupling of acoustics and boundary layer flow.

The library training - additional term

The students, who had not attended to the library training in the term organized for their faculty, can attend the course organized between December 8-17, 2020

Important Information - Wednesday for Friday

In the winter semester the classes held on Friday (13.11.2020) are going to be organized due to the Wednesday schedule.
Rector's regulation no. 31/2020.

The validity of the students card

We would like to inform that due to the external law*  according to which the Poland is treated as the red zone and our University is working under the restricted service cicrumstances, according to this situation the students cards are going to remain valid during the current circumstances or if University service will be suspended and 60 days after the end of this situation.

The Library training

The students, who had not managed to complete the library training in term provided by their Faculty, can take part in the course to October 30, 2020.
If the library training is not specified in the USOS system for the student, the student should register for it by himself/herself.

Documents_diploma exam

We would like to inform that from October 26, 2020 to November 06, 2020 from 11.00 to 14.00 o'clock the Dean Office, room 126, is going to collect the diploma documents.

The diploma documents are related to the deadline 4. You may also receive the covers for the diploma. The diploma documents should be complete and packed (in the document sleeve) and drop to the special box. Please check in advance if all documents are correctly filled and signed.

The diploma thesis prepared in the cover, should be delivered to the Dean Office in the above mentioned terms. Remember to sign the statements.

Information for the first year students

Admitted for the 1st cycle studies in academic year 2020/2021

The payment for the repeated courses, which were failed in winter semester 2019 and summer 2020 and which are repeated in winter 2020Z

According to the Rector's decision no 208/2020 dated 29.09.2020 in matter of reduction regarding the payments for repeating some subjects on full-time studies  due to unsatisfactory learning progress in winter semester of academic year 2020/2021

The social and Rector's scholarship

Due to the Deanery office remotely service the deadline for submitting the scholarship applications is prolonged.
Information abou the new deadline will be published soon.

Diploma Exam

Due to the Deanery office remotely service the deadline 4 and the dealine 6 (submitting the original diploma documents and picking up the diploma covers/ submitting the diploma thesis) are going to be postponed for the later therm.
The delivering of the diploma documents will be possible even after the diploma exam.
The diploma exams terms are remain uchanged and they are going to be done in the standard deadlines.


Due to the suspicion of covid-19 Deanery Office and the ViceDeans are going to work remotely from Monday (October 12, 2020).

Polish for foreigners

Polish language course

Registration for courses and for the next semester

Registration for courses in USOS system, second term and Registration for students for the next semester of their studies (2020 winter)

ViceDeans admission hours

We prefer the remote contact (MS Teams or by telephone). Please remember to arrange your visit for the specific hours in advance (by e-mail or by telephone).

Spacecraft Design

Lectures on Spacecraft Design (AN630) will start on Monday, 9th of November 2020.