Studying with our Faculty

WUT is a technical research university in the capital of Poland; it is the best Polish university of technology, which is proved not only by the results of numerous rankings, but also by scientific and didactic achievements. Studying with the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering offers the opportunity to learn by theory and in practice the most important engineering fields. The quality of educational offer is assured by the certification issued by the State Accreditation Committee. The students can participate in ongoing projects covering a wide range of problems from the fields of aeronautics, advanced computation methods, material science, novel robotics, to safety engineering, methods for energy preservation, the use of solar energy, to methods for efficient air conditioning or methods of efficient heating. The Faculty graduates are recognised all over the world for their good fundamental education including mathematics, physics, and mechanics; their skills in the design of mechanical systems are also well-known. 

If you are not Polish citizen note that studying in Poland  offers  you a unique opportunity to learn first-hand  the specific of the country,  to understand it  and to make new friends.  Being an expert in this part of the World having at the same time a knowledge of Polish language  increases your attractiveness as a future employee. Study abroad allows you to travel around, it expands you world view, develops your personality and communication skills,  and by it also enhances your employment  opportunities.

If you are Polish citizen  note -  there are a huge number of jobs that absolutely require that you speak a second language. English is the tongue  commonly used in  Europe and in many other parts of the World.  English is the language of  modern engineering.

Undergraduate courses (3.5 years, offering B.Sc. diploma)

Graduate courses (1.5 year, offering M.Sc. diploma)

The questions about studies and its organisation in the Faculty are answered by: 

  1. Mrs. Krystyna Różycka M.A. - Automatic Control and Robotics - 
  2. Mrs. Izabella Szulc M.A. - Power Engineering & Nuclear Power Engineering - 
  3. Mrs. Monika Kośnik - Aerospace Engineering - 

Doctoral Studies

Doctoral studies are no longer provided by the Faculty. From October 1st 2019 doctoral studies are provided by 5 Doctorate Schools of Warsaw University of Technology.


Faculty of Power & Aeronautical Engineering offers to the best foreign students a possibility to study at a Bachelor & Master level with a grant covering the tuition fee. This option is valid for the most successful and motivated students among those who will get the average grade above 4 after first year of the Bachelor program, or after the first semester of the Master program. For the students of higher semesters the actual overall average grade from the ongoing studies is considered. The grants will be given to no more than 3% of the foreign students of the Bachelor level and no more than 3% of the foreign students of the Master level, based on the ranking lists.

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