First flight campaign of the unmanned aerial vehicles belong to the Baltic NORD family

Between the 16th to 18th of May at Masłów airport the first flight campaign took place of the unmanned aerial vehicles belong to the Baltic NORD family with the take-off mass of 25kg.

UAV were designed in a flying wing configuration as a research platform. UAV were manufactured with two different propulsion systems: internal combustion engine with a propeller and jet engine; within this flight campaign both of UAV performed their first flight. Those UAV are the outcome of several years of work conducted by a team within the Aircraft Design Division at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering Warsaw University of Technology. The project begun from a small UAV platform NORD developed with own funds using the in-house software created to aircraft design purposes. Thanks to an integration of mentioned tools with advanced multidisciplinary optimisation algorithms the obtained UAV platform poses excellent handling qualities, is stable, and predictable in flight. In a future, the continuation of the flight tests are planned to follow-up performance verifications. The manufacture of the Baltic NORD UAV were funded by „Terenowy poligon doświadczalno- wdrożeniowy w powiecie przasnyskim” RPMA.01.01.00-14-9875/17


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