Health and Safety Training

For all students of regural, extra-mural and English-speaking.

Please be informed that you will be asked throuhg the Microsoft Teams platform to take part in the Health and Safety Training group in March 19, 2022. Every student will receive the e-mail in the WUT's domain allowing him/her to take part in the Health and Safety Training group. The link will include the Health and Safety Training materials to read and the information that each student can arrange a suitable term for completing the test from Health and Safety Training. The deadline for completing the tests and sending them back is March 31, 2022. You may apply for the test by sending the e-mail directly to Ms. Elżbieta Zakrzewska on from your WUT's e-mail address. Remember to indicated the Faculty name and your index number.

The Health and Safety Training is obligatory for all new-coming students and also for thos who are on the first year of second- cycle studies after another University, students enrolled in the trybe of transfer from another University/Faculty and those, who had not managed to complete the training before).