Information about the applications - registrations/ extensions

Please submit the applications to the Deanery before 16.09.2019. This is the deadline.
From 17.09.2019 we are going to make the student's registration and the notices of initiation of proceedings regarding the stricking from the student's register are going to be sent.
The application for semester repetition can be done by the students of 5th semester in case of first-cycle studies and the students of 2nd or 3rd semester in case of second-cycle studies.

The repetition of the semester can be done only twice during studies cycle.
The application for the three months extension due to the diploma thesis can be done only by the last semester students, who has completed the whole study programme apart from diploma thesis preparation.

They should also have the internship completed if required. The student must have "absolutorium" to ask for the extension.

The application for the conditional registration can be done by the students, who are in lack of a few ECTS points to get the standard registration for the next semester.

All the applications (also in English) are available in the link below: