Patterns of documents for Erasmus and additional information

It is advaisable to prepare the documents for the incoming, Wendesday Eramsmus+ meeting in accordance to the below instructions.

We would like to remind you that:

  1. All your arrears towards the Faculty must be cleared: all payments, medical reports, etc.
  2. The number of ECTS points indicated in the Learning Agreement form and in "karta zaliczeń" must be 30 per semester. You should count OUR ECTS points NOT the ECTS points of the host University.
  3. The chosen programme at the host University MUST be check very carefully and it should be similar to your study programme as much as possible. We can recognize after your return from the mobility only passed courses and only those, which are the equivalents of Faculty courses indicated in the documents.
  4. While filling the documents use not only the names of the courses, but the course codes too. Every course code starts from 1130-..... The course codes must be indicated in the Learning Agreement form and in the "karta zaliczeń".
  5. If you have failed any course from the first year of studies, you can not take the part in the mobility in case of Bachelor programme. In case of Master students- the first semester of studies must be fully passed.
  6. If you plan to take part in mobility on your last semester of studies, YOU MUST declare the courses for at least 20 ECTS points per the last semester. The master thesis/project and the diploma seminar CANNOT be added to the forms.
  7. Remember that if you choose more than one host institution, you need to prepare more than one sets of Learning Agreement and Karta zaliczeń forms.

The pattern of the forms with the information how to fill "Karta zaliczeń" is given below.