Tuition fees - winter semester 2021/2022

Tuition fee payments information

Updating the tuition fee payment/ the deadlines for payments

1 semester of studies - before the beginning of the semester/ before the classes starts.

The following semesters - no later than 2 weeks after beginning of the classes/ 4 weeks from the beginning of each semester.

The deadlines for submitting the applications:

  1. Regarding the first semester fee- no later than 1 week before the payable deadline.
  2. The following semesters- no later than 1 week before the payable deadline too.

Application submission procedure

  1. The applications about fee exemption/ installments/ postponing the payable deadline prepared by the foreign students are evaluated by the Rector.
  2. The forms are available on the website.
  3. The original application should be submitted to the Dean Office or send by post for the Dean Office address.
  4. The Dean is giving his opinion on the application and after that the application is submitted to the Rector.

Payments for the repeated courses

After updating the payments, the Dean's Office will published the advertisement about the payments deadlines and the conditions of applications submission about fee exemption/ installments/ postponing.