Michał Remer

Michał Remer

E-mail: mremer@meil.pw.edu.pl

Wybrane publikacje

  1. Beyond laminar regime – Droplet interaction with air boundary layer

    Michał Klamka, Michał Remer, Tomasz Bobiński, 2019,  International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 133, April 2019, Pages 542-547

  2. Flow control for a car-mounted rear wing

    Krzysztof Kurec, Michał Remer, Tobiasz Mayer, Sylwester Tudruj, Janusz Piechna, 2019, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Volume 152, March 2019, Pages 384-399

  3. Droplet Impact in Icing Conditions – Experimental Study for WE 540,

    Tomasz Lizer, Michał Remer, Grzegorz Sobieraj, Maciej Psarski, Daniel Pawlak, Grzegorz Celichowski, 2017, Archive of Mechanical Engineering LXIV(2):165-175

  4. Dynamic water contact angle during initial phases of droplet impingement,

    Michal Remer, Maciej Psarski, Konrad Gumowski, Jacek Rokicki, Grzegorz Sobieraj, Maryna Kaliush, Daniel Pawlak, Grzegorz Celichowski, 2016, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 508

  5. Dynamic contact of droplet with superhydrophobic surface in conditions favour icing

    M Remer, G Sobieraj, K Gumowski, J Rokicki, M Psarski, J Marczak, G Celichowski, 2014, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 530, 1

  6. Effect of Suction Gap and Central Strut on the Interior Scramjet Intake Flow 

    Birgit Reinartz, Michal Remer, Uwe Gaisbauer, 2012, 18th AIAA/3AF International Space Planes and Hypersonic Systems and Technologies Conference, 5941

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