Zakończone projekty

Projekty, które zakończyły się w latach 2003-2011:

Akronim Nazwa projektu Prowadzący
ADFCS II Affordable Digital Fly-By-Wire Flight Control Systems for Small Commercial Aircraft Prof.dr hab.inż. Janusz Narkiewicz jnark(at)
ADIGMA Adaptive Higher-Order Variational Methods for Aerodynamic Applications in Industry Prof. dr hab.inż.Jacek Rokicki
APROSYS Advanced Protective Systems Dr inż. Janusz Piechna,
APSN Advanced Passive Safety Network Dr inż. Cezary Rzymkowski
ADVANCE Advance Virtual Analysis of Crash Envinoment for passenger safety simulations Dr inż. Cezary Rzymkowski
BEAUTY Bio-Ethanol Engine for Advanced Urban Transport by Light Commercial Vehicle Prof.dr hab.inż. Andrzej Teodorczyk
CAPECON Civil UAV Applications & Economic Effectivity of Potential Configuration Solutions Prof. dr hab. inż. Zdobysław Goraj
EASN II European Aeronautics Science Network - PHASE II Prof.dr hab.inż.Zdobysław Goraj
ECO-ENGINES Energy Conversion in Engines Prof. dr hab.inż. Andrzej Teodorczyk
EVPSN European VehiclePassive Safety Network Dr inż. Cezary Rzymkowski
EVPSN 2 Enhanced Vehicle Passive Safety Network2 Dr inż. Cezary Rzymkowski
FLOWHEAD Fluid Optimisation Workflows for Highly Effective Automotive Developmnet Processes Prof. dr hab.inż.Jacek Rokicki
HiReTT High Reynolds Number Tools and Techniques for Civil Transport Aircraft Design Prof. dr hab.inż.Jacek Rokicki jack (at)
HySafe Safety Of Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier Prof. dr hab.inż. Andrzej Teodorczyk
NACRE New Aircraft Concept Research Prof.dr hab.inż.Zdobysław Goraj
NAS -HiReTT NAS Complement to High Reynolds Number Tools and Techniques for Civil Transport Aircraft Design Prof. dr hab.inż.Jacek Rokicki
NEFS New Track Integrated Electrical Single Flap System Prof.dr hab.inż. Janusz Narkiewicz
PPLANE Personal Plane:Assessment and Validation of Pioneering Concepts for Personal Air Transport Systems Dr Tomasz Goetzendorf-Grabowski
SEA-AHEAD Simulation Environment and Advisory System for On-Board Help and Estimation of Manoeuvring Performance during Design Prof.dr hab.inż. Janusz Narkiewicz
SAFEKINEX Safe and Efficient Hydrocarbon Oxidation Processes by Kinetics and Explosion Expertise and Development of Computational Process Engineering Tools Prof. dr hab. inż.Piotr Wolański
SIBER(NAS-SIBER) Side Impact Dummy Biomechanics and Experimental Research Dr inż. Cezary Rzymkowski
SIMSAC Simulating Aircraft Stability and Control Characteristics for Use in Conceptual Design Prof.dr hab.inż.Zdobysław Goraj
TALOS Transportable Autonomous Patrol for Land Border Surveillance Prof.dr hab.inż Janusz Narkiewicz
THOMO Development of Finite Element Model of the Human Thorax and Upper Extremities Dr inż. Cezary
UAV-NET Civilian UAV Thematic Network: Technologies, Applications, Certification Prof. dr hab. inż. Zdobysław Goraj
DESC Development of a CFD-Code for Prediction of the Potential Consequences of Dust Explosions in Complex Geometries Prof. dr hab. inż. Rudolf Klemens
M-DAW Modelling and Design of Advanced Wing Tip Devices Prof. dr hab.inż.Jacek Rokicki
VITES Virtual Testing for Extended Vehicle Passive Safety Dr inż. Cezary Rzymkowski
VULCAN Vulnerability Analysis for Future Composite/Hybrid Aerostructures Dr inż. Adam Dacko