Power Engineering Student Research Group

Power Engineering Academic Study Group exist uninterruptedly for more than fifty years in Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering. It started off in 1966 and associates students interested in power engineering.

Members of Study Group realize themselves in many research and development projects.  Study Group is working on projects such as: Wilson Chamber 2.0, Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, Gas Turbine 2.0, Energy Storage, Cooling Stack, Smog Model, Model of Heat Power Plant, Fluid Bed, Power grid model “Pelton”, and the website “Inwestycje Energetyczne” (Energy Investments). It is a dedicated portal which allows to access current information about power sector investments in Poland. Study Group also organizes monthly seminars with experts called “Porozmawiajmy o energetyce”, conferences, lectures and debates.

Members of Study Group also participate in trips to power installations, for example power plants in Poland and abroad. One of those trips is a regularly organized long term tour to western Europe named “Energy Technologies in Western Europe”. This year members of Study Group have seen among others nuclear power plant EDF Chooz (France), pumped hydroelectric energy storage Revin (France) and power plant Schwarze Pumpe.

Our Study Group have also projects which have won awards - for example our gas turbine project won the first award at the Exposition of Innovative Student Constructions. Moreover Study Group takes part in science fairs and events, for example Science Picnic of Polish Radio and Copernicus Science Centre, International Education Fair „Perspektywy”, open doors day on Warsaw University of Technology,  workshops for children with Roberta Bosch Inventors Academy.

Members of Power Engineering Academic Study Group have a lot of opportunities for self-development, gaining experiences and visiting interesting power plants or industry installations.

For more information about our projects and current events please visit: