Division of Aerodynamics

Zakład aerodynamiki

Division of Aerodynamics

Polish Pilot Centre of Ercoftac. The main target of Polish PC is the transfer of knowledge in the field of numerical modelling of fluid flows, heat transfer and combustion


Fluid Mechanics is Fun, and if you want your share consider doing your diploma or project with us. We are always looking forward to working with ambitious students. Here you can find some of many topics.


Division of aerodynamics is involved in a broad range of Fluid Mechanics research in both experiment and computation.

Our main area of interest lies in:

  • Development, of highly efficent CFD numerical tools
  • Grid generation and adaption techniques
  • Passive and active flow control methods.
  • Adjoint methods, optimization and uncertainty quantification.
  • Lattice Boltzmann methods
  • Human blood circulation modeling

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Sphere Maniacs

Sphere Maniacs - The polish-french cooperation in fluid dynamics

ul. Nowowiejska 24, 00-665 Warszawa

tel.: +48 22 234-74-44
e-mail: zaero.meil (at) pw.edu.pl